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Texas Ayurveda Professionals Association

Q: Contact information: 20 Unique Responses 

Q: What do you think should be the initial focus of TAPAS?

  • outreach

  • Awareness
  • spread Ayurveda in Texas; workshops
  • Get Health freedom act passed
  • License for Ayurvedic Practice
  • To make practicing Ayurveda in Texas legal and to have insurance covered for the treatment and procedures.
  • Health freedom and clarification of legal issues in Texas
  • Wellness Empowerment
  • To make practicing Ayurveda in Texas legal and to have insurance covered for the treatment and procedures.
  • To spread the knowledge of Ayurveda & Ayurvedic practices
  • outreach
  • To ensure proper support for those seeking Ayurveda as well as those already involved in the field.
  • Promoting Ayurveda and
  • To help counselors, practitioners, and doctors develop their practices
  • to build awareness of Ayurveda in our surrounding community and also to help promote the idea of Ayurveda as an acceptable mode of wellness.
  • Education: get the word out- what is Ayurveda- don't have to be Indian or Hindu to practice it.
  • Spread Awareness
  • Educating the community about Ayurveda, there are so many misconceptions about WHAT Ayurveda is. Even Google, Wiki, all these reputable resources make a mockery of the definition of Ayurveda.
  • Standards
  • Legalization of Ayurvedic practice, Licensing of Ayurvedic degree 
  • Ensuring all students and graduates continue having support during and after program.

Q:  What according to you should be the Goals & Objectives for TAPAS?

Q: Are you willing to be part of the Strategic Planning exercise to help drive the Goals of TAPAS?

Q: How else would you like to be involved with TAPAS (click as many)?

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Sharing some of the comments

  • Help the Ayurveda community to practice Ayurveda
  • Insurance coverage for Ayurvedic practice
  • I am also interested in research
  • Looking forward to be a part of TAPAS Ayurveda movement.
  • The better strategy is to get Texas to become a Health Freedom state versus trying to get Ayurveda to be a licensed practice in Texas.
  • wishing all well on the journey
  • I'm hoping that this organization will help quench the thirst of the community for a concrete Ayurvedic presence, allowing fellowship, partnership, and be progressive in demonstrating Ayurveda as a true practice.
  • Conduct monthly meetings with the members
  • Educating and spreading the goal of Ayurveda to the public would bring in awareness.
  • Thanks for starting TAPAS


TAPAS is a growing movement of Ayurvedic Practitioners, Counselors, students and professionals and also includes those interested in Ayurveda from a diversified population in the state of Texas, USA.



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Address: Dallas, TX

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